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The Dome of Cologne

Architecture Posted on Tue, September 30, 2008 15:51:05

If you happen to be in Germany and near Cologne, Go There! Perhaps
not so much for the city itself (that’s my opinion) but for the amazing Dome of
Cologne that is an architectural masterpiece of Gothic architecture. Especially
during nightfall the view of the Cathedral is breathtaking and even more
astonishing is the fact that it took over 600 years to build.

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Building high

Architecture Posted on Fri, July 04, 2008 03:05:24

It’s no news that the world’s biggest cities is overpopulated and are in great need of new living solutions because there´s simply no space left to build on. Popularchitecture’s solution to bring home and shelter to London’s huge increasing population is a tower not as much as a building but more like a vertical extrusion of the city.

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Architecture Posted on Fri, July 04, 2008 02:58:57

This is the company that is bringing a new edge to the traditional housing scene according to themselves. And sure it is true. Their concepts are extraordinary and especially their Black Barn which is an architecture house designed like a barn but modern and clean. It really looks amazing.