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Welcome to be inspired by the best the world has to offer for your mind and senses. Things that not just make your life comfortable but also gives you a feeling of harmony that only the best design can bring! For all you graphic designers out there I recommend to check out the "Inspiration" topic to find useful resources.

Bold furnishing

Furnishing Posted on Tue, July 15, 2008 22:42:42

I love interior design, which mixes between different styles, and especially classical and modern interior. A piece of furniture that comes very handy is this table that brings traditional and modern design in one. The table is clearly difficult furnished but I think in the right environment at someone with good taste, the table from Nadaseleva will be a wise move.Blog


Furnishing Posted on Fri, July 04, 2008 02:57:20

This is really my kind of furniture. I love the combination of modern Scandinavian furnishing mixed with details like a rococo drawer or table and my big fetish Gustavian chairs with modern textures and colors. This is something the company “Chaircouture” has made business by recycle French antiques.

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Designers Guild

Furnishing Posted on Fri, July 04, 2008 02:55:12

The interior company Designers Guild is well known for their extraordinary furnishing fabrics & wall coverings. The exceptional style explosion of fabrics, abstract patterns and tasty colors is very tasteful and dreamlike. As an inspirational resource Designers Guild is perfect.

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Tall & Tiny

Furnishing Posted on Fri, July 04, 2008 02:46:24

Tall&Tiny are two sticker-lamps in Vinyl foil. The Idea of 2 dimension furniture really inspires me. The sticker lamp is both beautiful and genius. The peculiar and interesting design of the lamp makes it a perfect detail that gives the room that little extra something. Best of all, no empty area needed.

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