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Welcome to be inspired by the best the world has to offer for your mind and senses. Things that not just make your life comfortable but also gives you a feeling of harmony that only the best design can bring! For all you graphic designers out there I recommend to check out the "Inspiration" topic to find useful resources. – New design blog

Design Posted on Tue, January 20, 2015 16:05:23

Join me on my new design, interior and exterior online magazine and blog. The aim is to inspire and tell you about design in general and pretty things I love, everything from furnishing, architecture to art and interior design.

Laptop sleeves worthy its contents

Design Posted on Fri, July 04, 2008 02:44:30

Surfing the web on your laptop right now? Using a brand new Mac Book or a Sony VAIO perhaps? Such nice laptops need a sleeve or bag worthy its contents to be carried around in. Check out Toffee. They provide you with well designed sleeves and bags for your laptop worth its price.

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